How to care for your jewellery like a pro

We all love investing in wonderful pieces of jewellery, but they only look great if maintained sparkling clean. And while many seem to find plenty of solutions in terms of cleaning their jewellery pieces, not all show great effects. This is what prevents many from enjoying their hard-earned pieces, and in many cases, this is one of the many causes of further jewellery buying. Needless to say, this leads to unnecessary expenses, which could easily be avoided with the help of a proper cleaner, like the Ultrasonic Cleaner by Hilsonic. Debris such as dirt, soap and dead skin cells is normal to accumulate on various pieces of jewellery, but with the help of this kind of equipment, it can be easily removed, bringing back your jewellery to life. Below are some tips from professionals on how to use this equipment for cleaning your jewellery.

Understand how an silent-sound cleaner works

Before putting your jewellery into an ultrasound cleaner, it is very important for you to understand that this types of cleaners work differently from the regular ones. The more advanced, hypersonic  ones, are using high-frequency waves, which will detach the debris from the jewellery. Even the small crevasses in your jewellery pieces will be properly cleaned, regardless of what type of jewellery you want to clean with the help of this ultrasonic cleaner.

Follow all the instructions

There are several pre-established steps one must follow in order to clean their jewellery pieces like a true professional. You will find the necessary steps in the following paragraphs.

  • Fill up the tank with water and cleaning solution. Needless to say, it is highly important to read the instructions before proceeding, but generally, the first step for cleaning jewellery with the assistance of an ultrasound cleaner is filling it up with water and cleaning solution. Some devices require a particular type of cleaning solution, but in many cases, by simply adding ammonia to the water you can create your own cleaning solution.
  • Add the jewellery to your cleaner. Depending on the instructions for the pieces of equipment that you have, you can add the jewellery pieces to your cleaner. But keep in mind that not all metals may be appropriate for this purpose, so better read the manual.
  • Clean your jewellery for ten minutes. This is the average time necessary for the vast majority of cleaning devices, including the supersonic one.
  • Carefully rinse your jewellery. After the process is finished, you can carefully remove your jewellery and rinse it. Do the same with your  silent-sound  cleaner, if you want to keep it in proper form.

Repeat the process when necessary

Although many tend to forget about caring for their jewellery at regular intervals, it is important to remember to repeat the process from time to time. Otherwise, debris will accumulate yet again.

These are some pieces of advice for those who look forward to having sparkly clean jewellery. Investing in a ultrasound ultrasonic cleaner is a worthy investment, especially when you consider the fact that many choose to replace their jewellery periodically due to debris.